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"Always trust the professionalism of all employees! I was able to be seen at the last moment today with an inflamed gum. X-ray and exam were done and I was put at ease. When I began my work with Dr. Rye's office several years ago I told them we would be best friends! Well it feels like that whenever I am there. Highly recommend this practice for all dental needs!!!! Dr. Rye even lectures to dental students on the newest treatments in his field."


A study conducted in 2013 concluded that word of mouth remains the most popular form of recommending a business.  We are grateful that our patients’ referrals of friends and family account for the majority of our new patients.  The same study concluded that 79% of consumers trust online reviews as much as personal recommendations.  In our experience, even people referred to us by our dearest patients will check out our online reputation before deciding to schedule a visit.  So we realize the importance of our online presence and hope to improve it with reviews from our patients and provide the following instructions to make the process easy for those who have not reviewed online before:

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