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"I was more than pleased with my visit and meeting Dr. Rye and his office staff. The office procedure was very smooth and Dr. Rye took his time in his examination and was very thorough in same. I look forward to my next visit in 2 weeks for a treatment analysis."

Mary C

Rye Smile’s Treatment for Obstructive Sleep Apnea Changes Patients’ Lives

Here we offer a selection of case studies of our actual patients who have received sleep apnea treatment, and their feedback on how the treatment truly changed their lives for the better.

“I snored for years. A sleep study revealed I had severe, life-threatening sleep apnea. Dr. Rye and his knowledge of sleep apnea and dental appliances greatly improved my life.”

This patient came to Dr. Rye after having a sleep study that revealed severe sleep apnea. “It was keeping my wife awake. She started telling me about how I was not breathing at night, I would take a big gasp of air and that was making her nervous.”

After the study revealed revealed sleep apnea, the patient immediately thought of Dr. Rye. “I was aware that Dr. Rye did dental appliances for sleep apnea. I was also aware that he wore one. When I found out that I needed one, I came back to Dr. Rye and said, ‘Let’s go with this.’”

The treatment dramatically changed this patient’s life. Fitted with a simple dental appliance to help keep his airway open, his symptoms of sleep apnea have decreased and a follow-up study revealed almost no signs of sleep apnea. “I sleep every night. My wife isn’t disturbed by my snoring because I don’t. My ability to think and reason was greatly improved. My numbers were significantly improved—almost normal—in a follow-up sleep study.”

Now, the patient no longer has to worry about experiencing the harmful effects of sleep apnea, and he didn’t need a cumbersome CPAP machine to help. “Dr. Rye and his knowledge of sleep apnea and dental appliances improved my life!” He says.

“After years of sleep studies and CPAP machine misery, Dr. Rye suggested an oral appliance. The results were amazing. Dr. Rye is a lifesaver. Truly grateful that he has added years to my husband’s life!”

This patient of Dr. Rye’s was using a CPAP machine for his sleep apnea before he found out about oral sleep appliances, which help to keep the airway open while sleeping to prevent obstructive sleep apnea.

His wife was so tired of having to deal with the CPAP machine that she was eager for another solution. “Dr. Rye suggested that he treat my husband with an oral appliance. Since that was the only hurdle to us both getting a good night’s sleep without an intrusive machine, we decided to give it a try.”

 They both couldn’t be happier with the results. “The results were amazing. There is no more snoring. We were warned it may take some time for the appliance to work, yet on the first night there was peace and quiet for us both! Dr. Rye is a lifesaver.”

Now, both she and her husband can get a full night’s rest, and best of all, her husband no longer has worry about the detrimental effects of sleep apnea thanks to Dr. Rye’s treatment. His CPAP machine is now a thing of the past.

 “My whole family uses this practice and they have taken such good care of us—from regular cleanings to veneers and now sleep apnea. There is no better dentist, hygienist, or staff,” says his wife of Dr. Rye’s practice. “They are compassionate, concerned, feel like family, and they take all the pain out of going to the dentist. Couldn’t recommend them any more highly—Dr. Rye truly loves what he does and is passionate about his practice!”

Dr. Rye is happy to have helped this patient and his wife overcome their burden of dealing with sleep apnea.

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