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"I greatly dislike going to ANY dentist for any reason, including just having my teeth cleaned. This is the first dental office that I have returned to on a regular basis to maintain the health of my teeth and gums. It only took be 60+ years to find such a place."


Restorative Dentistry: Amazing Possibilities

We believe our patients should live life to the fullest and look their best doing it. You have chosen the right hairstyle and most flattering clothes, and these things about your appearance tell people about you. Yet, your appearance is probably most impacted by your smile, and just as you choose a hairstyle and wardrobe, you can choose the attractive smile you have always wanted. A properly designed smile makeover can help you achieve such a smile.

Across the United States, smile makeovers are gaining more and more attention. The transformations are simply amazing. Now, patients in and around the Washington, D.C. area can achieve their own smile makeover through the leading-edge restorative dentistry procedures available at Rye Smiles for Life. Dr. D. Gordon Rye has an outstanding artistic ability for repairing smiles that are damaged by broken or missing teeth and is known throughout the Northern Virginia and Washington, D.C. region. With restorative dentistry techniques such as porcelain crowns, dental bridges, dentures, and dental implants, Dr. Rye can fully recover a smile’s function and beauty.

While a beautiful smile is one of the most important contributors to making a positive and powerful first impression, it is also one of the most neglected when people seek to improve their appearance. A smile makeover can make anyone feel more confident, and the effects are often nothing short of dramatic. Visit the Rye Smile Gallery to read testimonials from some of Dr. Rye’s patients.

A beautiful smile doesn’t just improve self-esteem: studies show that it can also have a strong effect on social and career success. When a person’s smile is the best it can be, people notice it. D. Gordon Rye, D.D.S. and his team at Rye Smiles for Life can help you achieve a more perfect smile by utilizing the concept of the Golden Proportion. Patients from throughout Virginia, including Vienna, Vienna, and Washington, D.C., visit our Fairfax practice for outstanding smile makeover and reconstruction results by Dr. Rye.

Dr. Rye pioneered an innovative approach for customized life-changing smiles and teaches cosmetic and implant dentists nationwide how to achieve superior cosmetic outcomes. Based on setting each new smile properly in the context of the patient’s unique facial characteristics, Dr. Rye has established an inspiring new means to design smiles which fit each of his patients’ faces in accordance with the Golden Proportion. Techniques he has developed draw upon the neuromuscular range of physiologic rest, the LVI Golden Shimbashi, and the Golden Mean Gauge, to set the vertical dimension of occlusion. Dr. Rye’s approach is both global and truly original, setting both the vertical dimension of occlusion and the vertical position of the maxillary incisal edges in the face early in the treatment planning stages for exceptional aesthetic results.

At Dr. D. Gordon Rye’s practice in Fairfax, near Vienna, a smile makeover may involve several cosmetic dental procedures. For example, Dr. Rye can combine teeth whitening, porcelain veneers, and gum re-contouring to achieve a healthier and brighter smile. He may also use Invisalign® invisible orthodontics to straighten the teeth. Even small changes, such as replacing metal fillings with natural-looking, tooth-colored fillings, can have a dramatic effect. Thanks to sedation dentistry, Dr. Rye is often able to complete multiple smile makeover procedures during a single visit while the patient remains comfortable and relaxed.

Patients of our Fairfax practice come from the Vienna / Washington D.C. area for the exceptional smile makeover results that Dr. Rye consistently achieves. To learn more, view some of the results in our Rye Smile Gallery, or contact our practice to schedule an appointment for a smile makeover that could help you change your life. Visit the Rye Smile Gallery to read and view video testimonials from some of Dr. Rye’s patients.

Contact Us for Exceptional Smile Makeover Results

If a less-than-perfect smile is hiding the real you, it’s time for a smile makeover at Rye Smiles for Life. A Rye Smile can bring out the true you. If you live in Northern Virginia, including Vienna, Vienna, or the Washington D.C. area, contact D. Gordon Rye’s Fairfax practice to schedule a smile makeover consultation today.


What is a smile makeover?

Will my insurance pay for my smile makeover?

Smile makeovers are considered an elective aesthetic procedure. Therefore most dental insurance do not cover costs associated with smile makeovers. However, all insurance companies are different. Be sure to inquire of your insurance company what they do and do not cover right before or just after your initial consultation. Most cosmetic dental treatment is considered elective and not covered by insurance. We will do everything possible to maximize your insurance benefits, but please be prepared to pay for the treatment with alternate finances that we can discuss with you.

I have always been afraid of the dentist. How can I feel more comfortable about seeing one?

It is very common for patients to experience some level of anxiety about going to the dentist. At Rye Smiles for Life, we will do everything we can to ease your fears and explain the entire process to you so you know what to expect at each moment. By working quickly with state-of-the-art technology, Dr. Rye and his team are able to work on your mouth gently, which allows you to heal more quickly and without pain. At your initial consultation, please ask us what we can do to make your subsequent visits more comfortable and less anxiety-filled.

How long will my new smile last?

Today’s materials are actually stronger than natural teeth and are far more resistant to wearing and breakage than your natural teeth. With regular checkups and proper maintenance, your smile makeover results will last for many, many years.

How long does the smile makeover process take?

The length of time for a smile makeover and all other cosmetic dentistry procedures varies with each patient. When you come in for your initial consultation, Dr. Rye will plan out the process. At this time, we will be able to give you a good idea of how many visits the makeover will take. In no time, you will be smiling more and flashing a more dazzling smile!

Will my smile makeover look natural?

Dr. Rye will provide you with the most natural-looking smile possible. He takes into account the structure of your face, your lifestyle, your gender and your age when he plans your smile makeover. Many people will notice that something is different about you, but they may not be able to tell that your smile has been made over.

How much does a smile makeover cost?

Depending on the procedures used, the cost of a smile makeover can vary. Luckily, there are multiple cosmetic procedure options that can be used in a smile makeover to provide you results within your budget. We offer 0% financing through care credit. Click here to apply today for immediate approval.

Who are best candidates for a smile makeover?

Anyone is a good candidate for a smile makeover. If you do not feel confident in the way your teeth or smile looks because of a chip on a tooth, crowding, misalignment, or staining, then you should Dr. Rye about a smile makeover.

What are some of the procedures that may be used during a Smile Makeover?

The smile makeover procedures may include any one or combination of the following

  • Implants
  • Porcelain veneers
  • White fillings
  • Crowns
  • Bridges
  • Smile whitening

Case Studies


Smile Makeover for the Smile of Her Dreams Fairfax VA

When Rachel came to us, she was embarrassed to smile. She had teeth that needed to be extracted and replaced with implants. Other teeth were broken otherwise damaged from a variety of traumas over her lifetime. Dr. Rye gave her the smile of her dreams, and she can’t stop smiling.

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Knockout Smile Makeover Fairfax VA

Crystal had a pretty smile, but she wanted a knockout smile. She decided to first straighten her teeth with orthodontics. Once her teeth were straight, Dr. Rye designed a smile using the Golden Proportion. Crystal couldn’t be happier.

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Smile Cosmetic Reconstruction and Reparation Fairfax VA

Joan wrote us one of the nicest letters we’ve received, and she allowed us to share it here: “Four years ago in my search on line to find a dentist closer to home, I happened upon Dr. Rye’s Smile for Life web page. His credentials, testimonials and awards were impressive to read, and I immediately

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Smile Reconstruction to Address Teeth Grinding & Jaw Pain Fairfax VA

Matt had almost destroyed his smile over the years by clenching and grinding his teeth together. Something about his bite was just not right. His teeth were becoming shorter and flatter and were wearing down. His face was collapsing vertically between his nose and chin as a result. Matt and Dr. Rye talked about how

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Delivering a Perfect Smile with a Cosmetic Smile Fairfax VA

Sandra had been a patient of Dr. Rye’s for many years before she decided to improve her smile. She had been self-conscious about her smile all of her life and felt it was time to so something nice for herself. Sandra wanted to have a gorgeous smile that she could be proud of. Dr. Rye

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In Depth

Dental Implants

“I was more than pleased with my visit and meeting Dr. Rye and his office staff. The office procedure was very smooth and Dr. Rye took his time in his examination and was very thorough in same. I look forward to my next visit in 2 weeks for a treatment analysis.”Mary CFor Northern Virginia and Washington, D.C.-area residents seeking a dramatic smile makeover, Dr. D. Gordon Rye often recommends dental

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“Great experience once again!!! Everyone is super nice!!! Got a crown and everyone made me feel comfortable and helped ease my anxiety :) the only dentist I’ve ever been to that i would go back to and trust.. we are a military family that moves every two years so I’ve seen it all and been through it all!!! It’s hard to find excellence in such short stays in places and

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Dental Bridges

“I was more than pleased with my visit and meeting Dr. Rye and his office staff. The office procedure was very smooth and Dr. Rye took his time in his examination and was very thorough in same. I look forward to my next visit in 2 weeks for a treatment analysis.”Mary CUnlike restorations that use removable appliances or partial dentures to replace missing teeth, dental bridges, often referred to as

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Porcelain Crowns

“I had my 6 month check up today and what a treat! No one likes spending time at the dental office but when I am at Rye Smiles for Life it is such a relaxing atmosphere, like a treat for myself. Lou is so gentle, through, very informative and a true professional. You never feel like a number but more like visiting family. From the time you walk through the

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Designing an Ideal Smile Makeover

“Dr. Rye & his team are amazing! I recently had reconstruction work done on my 4 front teeth–2 implants and 2 crowns. Dr. Rye spent a lot of time researching my case before recommending the course of treatment. He was able to find and eventually use state of the art implants that worked perfectly. The end result is beautiful and I would highly recommend Dr. Rye and his team.”J. ClayThe

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