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What to do when you are afraid of the dentist

"Always trust the professionalism of all employees! I was able to be seen at the last moment today with an inflamed gum. X-ray and exam were done and I was put at ease. When I began my work with Dr. Rye's office several years ago I told them we would be best friends! Well it feels like that whenever I am there. Highly recommend this practice for all dental needs!!!! Dr. Rye even lectures to dental students on the newest treatments in his field."


Every year, thousands of people avoid seeing the dentist because they are too afraid of what might happen. For some, there is a fear of losing teeth that are decaying. For others, it may be an aversion to the sights, sounds, and sensations associated with some dental procedures. Whatever the case, avoiding the dentist can make a bad situation worse – there has to be an answer to this dilemma.

Some people try simply to force themselves to be tough, but this is rarely a good solution, and usually fails. The best way to handle dental anxiety is to be open about your fears, and know that you are certainly not alone. Hearing about the solutions that are available to you can put you back in control again, knowing that you have options.

One of the most common options we recommend for patients with severe dental anxiety is sedation dentistry. This is not a new practice, and in fact we have been offering sedation dentistry for our patients for more than three decades. Sedation dentistry can give you a relaxed, comfortable dental experience that will leave you with a positive impression of what dental visits are like.

When you inquire about sedation dentistry, Dr. Rye will talk you through how it works so that you can fully understand every step of the process. He will also answer any questions you have and address any fears or concerns that are troubling you. You and Dr. Rye will work together to find a solution that you’re comfortable with, and that will allow you to get the dental treatments you need or want.

For most patients, sedation dentistry is a painless process. Although you will not be unconscious, you will be very relaxed and comfortable. You will be monitored while you are sedated to make sure that you remain in the proper relaxed state for the duration of your procedure.

Of course, as with any other type of sedation, you will need someone to ensure that you get to our office safely, and back home again afterward. Even though you will wake up feeling refreshed, the sedative used for dentistry is quite potent, and for safety reasons you will certainly not be able to drive.

For more than thirty years we have helped patients who have needed assistance with dental anxiety. Don’t let your fears keep you from seeking treatment – contact us today.

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