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Tooth-colored Fillings for Metal-free Dentistry

"THIS is why I recommend Dr. Rye to anyone who mentions they need a dentist! Dr. Rye and Lou are the best team of dental professionals I have ever worked with. They have practically eliminated any hesitation I have with dental procedures and make it an enjoyable experience. Love 'em!"

Elizabeth C L

Tooth Colored FillingsFor more than 100 years, silver-mercury amalgam fillings have been used by dentists to fix decayed or broken teeth. Today, patients of cosmetic dentist D. Gordon Rye in Fairfax have the option of choosing tooth-colored (composite) fillings, which are both economical and cosmetically appealing. These white fillings are made from a porcelain-like material and bonded securely to the tooth when exposed to a high-intensity light.

Tooth-colored-fillings2Tooth-colored fillings are stain-resistant and can be matched to the color of the surrounding tooth for a completely natural look. They are not only more natural looking than silver fillings, they are also stronger and longer lasting. Unlike old amalgam fillings, which can leak, corrode, and blacken over time, tooth-colored fillings remain white and unnoticeable for up to 10 years. Dr. Rye can replace your old metal fillings with natural-looking tooth-colored filings to achieve optimal dental health and aesthetics.

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