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Smile Rejuvenation for a Non-surgical Dental Facelift

"Dr. Rye & his team are amazing! I recently had reconstruction work done on my 4 front teeth--2 implants and 2 crowns. Dr. Rye spent a lot of time researching my case before recommending the course of treatment. He was able to find and eventually use state of the art implants that worked perfectly. The end result is beautiful and I would highly recommend Dr. Rye and his team."

J. Clay

Many of the methods used to treat TMJ disorders, restore dental structures, and improve the bite also lead to an improved facial appearance. In fact, patients frequently report a lifting effect to the face after undergoing TMJ treatment. Dr. Rye is using these same techniques to not only to improve the symptoms of TMJ disorders, but may also take years off a patient’s appearance. Now we can rejuvenate smiles and achieve age-minimizing results similar to a facelift!

Missing or worn-down teeth can cause the lower portions of the face to shrink, leading to a sunken appearance, and receded jaw and chin. Restoring and replacing damaged or lost teeth can improve bite and jaw alignment, giving support to the face and providing a “lift” to sunken features. This non-surgical dental facelift adds length to the lower face and achieves a more pronounced jaw line; it can even reduce the appearance of facial wrinkles. Contact Rye Smiles for Life in Fairfax to learn how TMJ treatment methods can be used to help achieve a more youthful appearance!

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