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"I had my 6 month check up today and what a treat! No one likes spending time at the dental office but when I am at Rye Smiles for Life it is such a relaxing atmosphere, like a treat for myself. Lou is so gentle, through, very informative and a true professional. You never feel like a number but more like visiting family. From the time you walk through the front door you are made to feel welcome. Thank you Dr. Rye and staff for being the BEST at what you do. "


Current literature suggests that patients who harbor certain pathogenic bacteria in their mouths at the time of joint replacement surgery may be at an increased risk for infections following such surgery. At Rye Smiles for Life, we are now able to test patients for clinical or sub-clinical oral infections using DNA/PCR testing. The specificity of the test measures the pathogenic bacteria types and load, thus allowing for a possible risk assessment for complications after surgery.

If the pathogenic bacteria are present we will render treatment to reduce or clear the bacterial infection prior to surgery date. The noninvasive salivary test is easy to perform, affordable and has a quick turnaround time for test results.

In the past we had to rely primarily on visible signs of infection to determine the oral health status of an individual. We now have the ability to validate oral health through clinical laboratory testing, which provides a more accurate assessment of the oral health status of the individual.

As a service to our patients, with the ultimate goal of creating thehealthiest oral environment possible to support positive surgical outcomes, we are now happy to contact our patients’ physicians to provide them information about our patients’ oral health and indicators related to their overall health. We provide this service only at the request of our patients. This coordination is critical for patients with conditions like heart disease or diabetes as well as those preparing for surgery.

If you have concerns about your dental and overall health and have questions about the relationship between the two, contact us at Rye Smiles for Life by calling 703-565-2503.


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