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Keeping the Mouth Healthy

"It was my first time having my teeth cleaned by Dr. Rye's Office. Susan, the Dental Hygienist, did an exceptional job. She was thorough and caring. I highly recommend Dr. Rye's Office and his Team."

Stephen H

Maintaining a healthy mouth involves three steps: brushing, flossing, and regular professional care. At Rye Smiles for Life, we are dedicated to maintaining our patients’ dental health so that they can live life to its fullest. Regular exams at our practice include a full evaluation of periodontal health, as well as an oral cancer screening so that we can treat potential problems before they cause further health issues. If we do find sores or lesions that may be cancerous, we test them quickly and easily with the OralCDx® brush biopsy. By finding and treating oral cancer early, we can often eliminate the cancer before it becomes a threat.

Patients who are being treated for a serious medical condition, such as cancer or diabetes, must notify Dr. Rye so that he can provide proper care. Contact Rye Smiles for Life in Fairfax County to meet with cosmetic dentist D. Gordon Rye for a dental health check-up.

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