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Patient Reviews of Our Dentist Office in Fairfax

Are you new in town or haven’t seen a dentist in a long time? When you need to find a dentist, you will search for “How to find a good dentist near me.” Look for a dentist that strives to provide knowledgeable, trusted care, much like our dentist, who is passionate about helping people achieve the smile that they deserve.

Every Rye Smile Has a Wonderful Story

Rye Smiles for Life is consistently recognized as one of the top rated Fairfax VA dental practices by both patients and industry colleagues alike.

When it comes to patient satisfaction, Rye Smiles for Life of Fairfax VA works hard to ensure our patients leave with the enhanced, rejuvenated smile of their dreams. Together with dental implants, porcelain veneers, teeth whitening, crowns, bridges, and more, we are able to provide our patients with a wide variety of treatments at the highest quality level.

We care about your smile, and it shows. At Rye Smiles for Life, your Fairfax dentist of choice, our patients’ experiences and feedback are critical to our reputation in the world of cosmetic dentistry as we continue to put our patients first. Our glowing patient remarks as well as our variety of awards are reminders that there is no shortcut to quality care. Brighter, more confident smiles are only attained through the highest of standards and the pursuit of excellence, and Rye Smiles for Life works to consistently deliver both.

Hear What Our Patients Say

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Rye Smiles Patient Testimonial

Quality Dental Care You Can Trust

Would you trust your family’s oral health to just anyone? No, you want to find a dentist that aims to provide the best dental care possible. Defining the best isn’t easy; some individuals believe it means a dentist offering quality dental care, while others believe that a dentist who is compassionate is a quality dentist. At our practice, you never have to trade one good quality for another as we work hard to aim to provide the best dental care to every patient who walks in the door.

If you’re apprehensive about visiting a dental office, we understand, There are many people who are afraid to see a dentist until they have an agonizing toothache. Let us know and we will make you relaxed and comfortable so you will come back for regular exams.

You will always know your options for treatment with our dentist. You’ll learn why he or she may recommend one option over another, but the choice is yours. We do understand that your insurance may not cover the best option, or it may be beyond your means now. Don’t hesitate to call us as we may be able to offer financial solutions to help you cover the cost of care. We will never push expensive cosmetic procedures or unnecessary procedures.

Quality dental services are provided from the moment you arrive at our office; our staff is friendly and welcoming. Our dentists and the rest of our team are knowledgeable and helpful as well. Our dentists have received all necessary certifications and they are continually updating their skills and expertise.

Read What Our Patients Say

I have been a patient of Dr. Rye for over 20-years, and I have recommended him to several of my colleagues because of his state-of-the-art dental practice and the care, consideration & attention he has always provided me. For those anxious about going to the dentist and who require a dental procedure, I highly recommend the music head phones and calming gel that Dr. Rye provides. This soothing combination has helped me to really relax (Yeah!) in a “Zen-like” manner, and the music alone makes you feel as though you are in your own private orchestra concert hall. I also would like to applaud Dr. Rye for his professional and experienced staff (the team of dental hygienists, receptionists, and Dr. Chow), who have always been attentive, considerate, and kind. Thank you!

Monica D.

I have been seeing Dr. Rye for almost two years now. I’ve been to other dentists before but did not get this kind of exceptional treatment anywhere. He is very gentle I don’t feel his needle at all. His staff is very professional and welcoming. They take good care of their patients. So far never been dissappointed.

Sisi J.

My husband has sleep apnea. After years of sleep studies and CPAP machine misery, Dr. Rye suggested that he treat my husband with an oral appliance. Since that was the only hurdle to us both getting a good night’s sleep without an intrusive machine, we decided to give it a try. The results were amazing….there is no more snoring. We were warned it may take some time for the appliance to work, yet on the first night there was peace and quiet for us both! Dr. Rye is a lifesaver. My whole family uses this practice and they have taken such good care of us – from regular cleanings to veneers and now sleep apnea. There is no better dentist, hygienist or staff- they are compassionate, concerned, feel like family, and they take all the pain out of going to the dentist. Couldn’t recommend them any more highly- Dr. Rye truly loves what he does and is passionate about his practice! Truly grateful that he has added years to my husband’s life!

Sherri M.

Dr. Rye is a professional’s professional, and his very personable staff reflects his excellence. I would never hesitate to recommend this practice to my friends and family.


Dr Rye and his whole team are consummate dental professionals. For over twenty years they have provided me and my family the highest quality dental care ranging from routine cleaning and periodic check ups to the most complex care involving implants and restorations.

Jim D.

I have been going to Dr Rye for 10 years now and I highly recommend him and his staff. Dr Rye is a perfectionist and he’s also brilliant! If you are looking for veneers don’t think about going anywhere else ~ you won’t find a better dentist.

Joan L.

If you’re looking for the best experience it’s here. I use to fear the dentist not only because of your usual dental fears but because I was a tough case. I was born without several adult teeth and in my 20s already started to have symptoms of TMJ due to a very uneven bite. I still luckily had many baby teeth but needed a treatment plan that I trusted before they were lost. Dr Rye and his team immediately put me at ease. While other physicians had a wait and see attitude, or a gloomy prognosis; Dr Rye had a well thought out plan with amazing results. Now I have a beautiful and most importantly healthy smile. I have a combination implants, crowns, and veneers; that gave me a new bite and has stopped my symptoms of TMJ. It’s been over 8 years now and the results are still perfect. I return to the office every 6 months for a check up and cleaning. The experience is always pleasant and with my comfort put first. I’ve seen both Ellen and Lou and they are both fantastic! I really can’t thank or recommend Dr Rye and his staff enough!

Mary K.

This is one dental office I love going to. The atmosphere is clean, calming, friendly, and comfortable. The staff is warm, caring, personable yet are still efficient, professional and skilled. I love the way Dr. Rye has a number of excellent, credentialed, staff with their own responsibilities in their own rooms, then he visits each room and patient reviewing, consulting and doing the heavy duty work as required. He himself is very knowledgable with the most modern equipment and at the forefront of APNEA appliance. Beginning in 2010 he took an amazing new type of 3D Xrays of my mouth and he took them again in 2015 and was able to diagnosis some serious changes in my bite that he could print our and I can share with my medical APENA doctor. I love leaving with a cup of coffee for my drive home.

Carol G.

Saw Dr. Rye for TMJ several years ago. He corrected it through veneers and I have been very happy with the results – no longer have constant headaches! Since then, Dr. Rye has become my regular dentist. Lou the hygienist is very thorough and has a gentle touch. This is top quality dental care and recommend Dr. Rye and his staff to anyone needing services from complicated cosmetic dentistry to regular cleanings.

Robin K.

Been a long time patient and highly recommend Rye Smiles for Life.

Isaac C.

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