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Our dentists are committed to helping you preserve your dental health through our high-quality care. However, there are times where a tooth simply cannot be saved by a root canal, filling, or other restorative option. When this occurs, a tooth extraction in Fairfax may be necessary. Most teeth extractions are administered at our office, and the procedure typically is painless for patients.

What is the Cost of a Tooth Extraction?

The type of extraction needed, whether the procedure is performed by a dentist or oral surgeon, and your insurance coverage will determine the tooth extraction cost. During your consultation, our dentist will examine your tooth and determine what course of treatment is best. Contact us now if you have questions about the cost of tooth extraction in Fairfax.

When Do I Need an Oral Surgeon?

An oral surgery tooth extraction is recommended when a tooth hasn’t completely emerged through the gums or when only part of the tooth is reachable by a dentist. If your extraction is complex, you may be referred to an oral surgeon.

Why Would a Tooth Need to be Pulled?

Teeth need to be removed when they are severely decayed, cracked beyond repair, or permanently damaged by gum disease. Our dentists will make every effort to save your tooth. Yet, there are some situations where having a tooth pulled will help you restore your dental health.

Do Dentists Extract Cracked, Broken, or Decayed Teeth?

When a tooth is severely infected or broken, a root canal or other restorative treatment may not always save it. In these cases, getting a tooth pulled can help restore your dental health. Give us a call to make an appointment if you’re suffering from a damaged tooth.

Baby Tooth Extraction

Most baby teeth fall out on their own, but there are instances where a baby tooth blocks the permanent tooth from growing into place. When this occurs, a dentist will remove the baby tooth to make room for the adult tooth. If your child has a baby tooth that will not come out, contact our practice. We’ll help your child feel relaxed while having his or her tooth pulled.

Does Gum Disease Cause Teeth to Fall Out?

Gum disease damages the ligaments that hold the tooth, loosening it in the socket. While teeth may not fall out on their own due to periodontal disease, a tooth that has been severely infected may require an extraction. Contact us now if you suspect advanced gum disease – especially if you are experiencing pain.

When Should Wisdom Teeth be Removed?

Most people begin to develop a third set of molars around ages 17 to 25. These are referred to as the “wisdom teeth.” If your jaw is too small to accommodate these teeth, they will need to be removed in order to avoid crowding or infection. If the wisdom teeth are impacted or not fully erupted, oral surgery will be required to remove them. Our dentist will provide a referral for a skilled oral surgeon in your area.

Is Tooth Removal Necessary for Crowding?

Having more adult teeth than necessary can lead to misalignment. If your dentist has suggested braces, extra teeth may be removed to accommodate orthodontic movement. If you have crowded teeth, contact our office to explore your treatment options.

What Are the Typical Aftercare Instructions for Extractions?

After the procedure, the dentist may prescribe painkillers to help you manage any discomfort, which you should take as directed. You may also bite down on gauze, which reduces bleeding and encourages a clot to form inside the tooth’s socket. If you experience swelling, place an ice pack against the cheek.

How Long Does Tooth Extraction Healing Usually Take?

Most tooth extractions take about one to two weeks to heal. Molar extractions can take longer. It’s important to avoid rinsing your mouth for the first 24 hours, since this can prevent the clot from forming in the socket. The healing process for oral surgery may take longer than two weeks. Give us a call if you have any questions following your procedure.

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