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Saving Your Time Without Sacrificing Quality or Performance with Dental Implants in a Day

Dental implants are an exciting option to replace missing teeth, and they can give you permanent new teeth that are almost like the real thing. Traditionally it takes many months for the process of getting dental implants to be complete, often over a year from start to finish. Now it is possible to get dental implants with crowns, the artificial teeth, all in just one day. Dental implants in a day can refer to a few different techniques, but all result in the patient being able to leave the office with new teeth the same day their implants are placed.

Dental implants normally take many months to heal before the dentist can place the abutment and crown to complete the process. The implants that are implanted into the jaw must fuse and become a permanent part of the jaw bone. This takes time, and the gums must also completely heal before the step of placing the tooth replacement can be done. With immediate load implants or implants in a day, temporary crowns can be placed immediately after the implants are inserted into the jaw.

Immediate load implants work best for people who have a good amount of healthy bone in their jaws. People who have been without teeth for some time may not have enough bone for immediate load or traditional implants, but immediate implants are possible with other types of implants like All-on-4 or implant-supported dentures. Usually implants in a day are temporary teeth that can be worn while the implants are healing. After healing is complete and the implants are fully fused, permanent tooth replacements can be placed.

Anyone who is seeking dental implants would probably prefer to leave the office with their new teeth the same day they come in for their implants, but an examination is required before Dr. Rye can determine if you are a candidate for implants in a day. There are many different options for dental implants, and at Rye Smiles for Life we design individual treatment plans for each patient. Call us now at our Fairfax, VA office to set up a consultation appointment to discuss dental implants in a day and discover if this exciting option may be right for you.

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