Full Mouth Reconstruction

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"Dr. Rye & his team are amazing! I recently had reconstruction work done on my 4 front teeth--2 implants and 2 crowns. Dr. Rye spent a lot of time researching my case before recommending the course of treatment. He was able to find and eventually use state of the art implants that worked perfectly. The end result is beautiful and I would highly recommend Dr. Rye and his team."

J. Clay

Correcting Multiple Issues with your Teeth & Smile with Dental Implants as Part of a Full Mouth Reconstruction

Do you look in the mirror and see so many things wrong with your smile that you can’t begin to imagine how a dentist could help? You may be a candidate for a full mouth reconstruction. No matter what your oral health or cosmetic dental problems are, you can have healthy teeth and gums and a beautiful smile. A full mouth reconstruction can tackle multiple problems to restore your oral health, and it begins with a personalized treatment plan designed exclusively for you.

Full mouth reconstruction can consist of any number of dental procedures. The goal is to make your teeth and gums healthy first, and to improve your smile. Because healthy teeth are attractive teeth, many procedures actually double as oral health treatments and cosmetic treatments at the same time. For example, a broken or decayed tooth is unsightly, but also unhealthy and a risk to surrounding teeth. Having a damaged tooth restored with a dental crown will not only restore it to full function and health, but it will also give it an attractive and normal appearance. Missing teeth can be replaced, teeth can be straightened, and cavities can be filled with composite or white fillings as part of a full mouth reconstruction. A full mouth reconstruction may consist of several appointments that will take place over a period of time. The end goal is a beautiful smile, healthy teeth and gums and improved self-esteem and confidence.

When you come in to meet with Dr. Rye at our Fairfax, VA office, he can perform a dental exam and talk to you about what you want to improve about your smile. By understanding your desires and determining what oral health issues you have that need to be addressed, Dr. Rye can formulate a personalized dental treatment plan for you. At your initial consultation appointment you should feel free to ask any questions or express any concerns that you have. At Rye Smiles for Life we believe that everyone can have a beautiful and healthy smile, and we are dedicated to working for you and with you to achieve that goal.

If you don’t like your teeth or your smile, call us now at Rye Smiles for Life to set up a consultation appointment. A beautiful and healthy smile can be yours, so call now.

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