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Delivering a Perfect Smile with a Cosmetic Smile Fairfax VA

Sandra had been a patient of Dr. Rye’s for many years before she decided to improve her smile. She had been self-conscious about her smile all of her life and felt it was time to so something nice for herself. Sandra wanted to have a gorgeous smile that she could be proud of. Dr. Rye designed Sandra’s new smile using study models, digital photographs and radiographs, computer imaging, and a guide called the Golden Proportion.

In one morning appointment Dr. Rye prepared Sandra’s teeth to receive the new porcelain and delivered transitional teeth that closely resembled what Sandra’s finished smile would look and feel like. Sandra was ecstatic with the immediate results. A few short weeks later, Dr. Rye bonded into place Sandra’s new teeth, custom made to Dr. Rye’s and Sandra’s specifications from the finest porcelain available. As you can see, Sandra’s new smile is perfect for her. Doesn’t she look gorgeous!

“Exceptional Dentistry has really changed my life!”

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