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Smile Reconstruction to Address Teeth Grinding & Jaw Pain Fairfax VA

Matt had almost destroyed his smile over the years by clenching and grinding his teeth together. Something about his bite was just not right. His teeth were becoming shorter and flatter and were wearing down. His face was collapsing vertically between his nose and chin as a result. Matt and Dr. Rye talked about how a bad bite could cause joint problems and even premature tooth loss. Matt and Dr. Rye decided to restore his mouth to proper function and aesthetics. First, Dr. Rye used sensors and computers to track Matt’s jaw movements, and to find the position where his head and neck muscles were in their most relaxed state. Dr. Rye then constructed a comfortable appliance that allowed Matt to function in a new bite position, without proceeding with permanent invasive procedures on his teeth or jaws.

After a few short months wearing the appliance, similar to an orthodontic retainer, Matt decided to proceed with the reconstruction process. Dr. Rye used study models, digital photographs and radiographs, computer imaging, a guide called the Golden Proportion, and perpetual continuing education to design Matt’s new bite and smile. In one morning appointment Dr. Rye then prepared his teeth to receive transitional teeth that closely resembled what his finished smile would look and feel like. Matt was ecstatic with the immediate results. A few short weeks later, Dr. Rye bonded into place Matt’s new teeth, custom made to Dr. Rye’s specifications from the finest porcelain available. Matt has not only stopped destroying his teeth; he enjoys being able to chew better and he looks great doing it!

“Matt enjoys being able to chew better and he looks great doing it!”


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