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Treatment Plan to Address Symptions of “TMJ” with Gum Recontouring & Dental Implants Fairfax VA

Mary was a recent college graduate when she first visited our office. Her father had planned on giving her a new car to congratulate her on her graduation, but she wanted a new smile instead. Mary had been through years of orthodontic treatment, but her final bite was never satisfactory. She had some missing teeth and retained baby teeth, and a crossbite which she wanted to correct to be more aesthetically pleasing. Mary could not close her back teeth together comfortably, and she was developing popping and clicking noises in her tempero-mandibular joints (“TMJ”). She had considered going back into braces to close the gaps left by the retained baby teeth.

Dr. Rye’s personalized treatment plan recommended reshaping some gum tissue, and extraction of the baby teeth, and replacement of missing teeth with implants. Her treatment started with the gum recontouring. When the gums had healed, her baby teeth were extracted, implants were placed, and beautiful porcelain crowns were placed on the implants. Mary’s treatment was completed within nine months. Mary can now, for the first time in her life, put her teeth together into a consistently comfortable, painless bite, without symptoms of “TMJ”. Mary receives many compliments on her absolutely gorgeous new smile, sometimes even from people she has only recently met.

Mary receives many compliments on her absolutely gorgeous new smile!

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