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Smile Cosmetic Reconstruction and Reparation Fairfax VA

Joan wrote us one of the nicest letters we’ve received, and she allowed us to share it here:
“Four years ago in my search on line to find a dentist closer to home, I happened upon Dr. Rye’s Smile for Life web page. His credentials, testimonials and awards were impressive to read, and I immediately called for an initial consultation appointment. It was pure delight to meet Dr. Rye – a man who not only was genuinely and sincerely dedicated, but was someone who had a very calming, caring, and gentle nature – assuring me that my personal needs and comfort were of greatest concern. Additionally, I was introduced to his office’s state-of-the-art technologies, photo-imaging, and dental procedures – most of which were new to me. I opted for cosmetic reconstruction and reparation – which, surprisingly, was all completed in only two subsequent visits. Since then, I’ve been enjoying routine exams and teeth cleaning with Dr. Rye’s extremely competent and warmly friendly Dental Hygienist. My smile is healthier and more beautiful than ever!”

“My smile is healthier and more beautiful than ever!”

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