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Dental Implants with Sedation Dentistry Fairfax VA

Jacqueline, of Vienna, VA wrote us a great letter about her sedation dentistry experience, and we are appreciative that she allowed us to share it here:

I had lost a tooth that had previously had a crown and a root canal. I also needed sedation dentistry. In addition, I had an old, very large loose filling and prior to my procedure, broke a crown. Dr. Rye was the second dentist I spoke to regarding an implant. The first dentist/surgeon stated that I needed a sinus lift. Dr. Rye uses more advanced x-ray technology and determined that I had enough bone for the implant without having to have a sinus lift. I had a consultation with Dr. Rye and discussed my overall objectives with respect to my dental concerns/issues. I also needed to have sedation dentistry. The day before the implant proceedure, I broke another crown. I phoned his office, and he arranged for the broken crown to be removed and prepared for a new crown along with the implant and new filling. The whole process went very well. I have been back to have the permanent crown put in place. He and his staff were very reassuring and took all my concerns, fears, etc to heart to make sure I was comfortable. The oral sedation was very helpful to me. Dr. Rye’s services are not inexpensive, however, he uses the latest technology and has outstanding, well-trained staff which is highly important. In my opinion, his services are well worth it, as it is an investment in my overall dental health. I will continue to utilize his services.

“In my opinion, his services are well worth it, as it is an investment in my overall dental health.”

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