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Take the bite out of your migraines

Chronic migraine sufferers are finding relief where you would least expect it – in a dentist’s chair. A trip to a specially–trained dentist could provide relief from pain caused by temporomandibular (jaw joint) disorder, or TMD – which is at the root of migraine and tension headaches. In addition to chronic headaches and migraines, TMD has been linked to grinding of the teeth, breathing problems and sleep disorders, as well as facial pain, neck, shoulder and back pain, clicking or popping in the jaw, limited jaw movement and tingling fingers. This disorder affects men, women and children and in many cases patients go misdiagnosed or undiagnosed. In fact, only one out of five people suffering from these symptoms seek help from a doctor and on average, they wait four years to do so.

The cause of the disorder is related to muscle strains from a bad bite. When the teeth are misaligned, called malocclusion or a bad bite, the jaw muscles and those around your head and neck are strained from constantly trying to find a more relaxed position. This strain is what causes the symptoms to occur. TMD is treatable non–surgically by neuromuscular dentists.

Using pain–free computer analysis, the neuromuscular dentist locates your jaw’s most comfortable resting position so they can fit you with an orthotic. If the new jaw position eliminates the pain and discomfort, crowns and veneers can be used to permanently hold this new relaxed position.

Treating this jaw disorder commonly improves symptoms and in many cases, permanently eliminates migraines. This is good news for those dealing with the disorder, as the cost related to migraines for sufferers is significant. Many workdays are lost to migraines, and many attribute their ineffectiveness on the job migraines.

Only five percent of the world’s dentists are trained in neuromuscular dentistry. At Rye Smiles for Life, we have extensive training and experience with the treatment of migraines caused by TMD. Contact us at (703) 565-2503 if you think your migraines, brinding, breathing or sleep problems may be related toTMD.

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