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Now We Can Prevent Tooth Decay with MI (minimally invasive) Paste!

There has been a paradigm shift in the way we treat dental decay. In the past, we only treated the symptoms of decay (a cavity) but not the cause. With MI paste, we can do both!

The cause of decay is the bacteria in acidic saliva. Several things can promote a low ph in the saliva, diet being the most common. There are over 600 medications which can also affect our saliva, leaving it acidic and a threat to our pearly whites. Aging can also be a factor in salivary acidity. MI Paste is 100% calcium phosphate with 100% bioavailability, meaning we use every bit of it. It is basically milk protein(casein) in a tube. Calcium phosphate balances out an acidic mouth, preventing cavities, reducing sensitivity, decreasing the appearance of white spots on the enamel (orthodontic patients), improving the shine and luster of the tooth and having a natural lightening effect. MI paste is used nightly because that is when the ph of our mouth drops to the lowest.

By supplementing the saliva with calcium phosphate, you can remineralize (strengthen) the deep layers of the tooth much like your daily and professional fluoride applications will remineralize the more shallow layers of the enamel. The two work together as a team.
The next time you visit the dentist, ask about whether you would benefit from the use of MI paste to keep your mouth as healthy as it can be.

If you have any questions about MI paste and whether it can help your oral health, please contact us.

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