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Introducing PreXion 3D Cone Beam CT

Everything we do revolves around providing exceptional dentistry to our patients. Now, with PreXion 3D imaging, our patients can actually see the bone structure of their mouths. This technology allows us to determine the exact position and condition of each tooth, root structure, and the jaw – in 3D! The image can be rotated, circled, and viewed from within and without. What was once science fiction is now a tool we use to map the precise route to restoration or surgical repair.
What Is Cone Beam CT?
PreXion3D Cone Beam CT (computed tomography) imaging involves the use of an x-ray
arm rotating around your head. While the arm rotates, it captures multiple images and sends
them to a digital computer. The digital computer reconstructs the images into a 3D image of your
internal anatomy.

As opposed to traditional 2 dimensional x-ray technology, 3D Cone Beam CT imaging has
the unique ability to differentiate tissue types, significantly increase resolution and provide
your dentist with the ability to see any area of your dental anatomy from any angle.
Your dentist can use this information to make accurate 1-to-1 measurements, identify

PreXion3D Cone Beam CT brings x-ray imaging to the next dimension by providing 3D images that
allow us to safely diagnose and customize your treatment like never before. PreXion3D combines the highest quality 3D images and the most powerful software in the industry, enhancing implant planning, oral surgery, endodontics, periodontics, restorative, general dentistry and much more.

What is PreXion3D Cone CT imaging used for?
• General Dentistry
• Oral surgery
• Implant planning
• TMJ analysis
• Airway study (sleep apnea)
• Jaw tumors
• Impacted teeth
• Periodontal diseases
• Endodontic anomalies

Better Understanding
Within seconds of the PreXion3D scan, we can present you with the 3D & MPR images, give you
a virtual diagnosis, offer up a personalized treatment plan with the expected outcome all in one visit.

Outstanding Results
The PreXion3D scanner offers enhanced accuracy, visibility and predictability. The results are a reduction in procedure, surgery and anesthesia time, which ultimately translates into a quicker and more comfortable recovery.

A PreXion3D Cone Beam CT scan is significantly less than a medical CT scan.

Because we have a PreXion3D scanner in our office, you can avoid an extra visit to a radiology
center or hospital. Plus, it does not require multiple consultation appointments; most
treatment plans can be done in one visit.

Unlike more invasive x-ray machines, the PreXion3D scanner allows you to sit comfortably upright in an
open air environment. Plus, a PreXion3D scan can take less than 9 seconds for a scan, as opposed to a
regular CT scanner which can take much longer. The PreXion3D scan is completely painless and
can dramatically reduce x-ray radiation exposure when compared to normal CT scanners and some
older traditional dental x-ray machines.

Comparative Superiority
Traditional 2D Panoramic and other dental x-rays are limited when compared to 3D images that can
show different angles and planes, allowing us to view any part of your anatomy from any direction or angle.

This investment in high quality diagnostic imaging reflects our commitment to providing the best possible care for you and your family! Call us today at (703) 565-2503 for an appointment.

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