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Case Studies – Dental Implants

I enjoy doing implant dentistry and am honored these patients agreed to share their photos and patient stories with others interested in the many benefits implant dentistry offers.

Case #1: Mary

Mary was a recent college graduate when she first visited our office. Her father had planned on giving her a new car to congratulate her on her graduation, but she wanted a new smile instead. Mary had been through years of orthodontic treatment, but her final bite was never satisfactory. She had some missing teeth and retained baby teeth, and a crossbite which she wanted to correct to be more aesthetically pleasing. Mary could not close her back teeth together comfortably, and she was developing popping and clicking noises in her tempero-mandibular joints (“TMJ”). She had considered going back into braces to close the gaps left by the retained baby teeth. Dr. Rye’s personalized treatment plan recommended reshaping some gum tissue, and extraction of the baby teeth, and replacement of missing teeth with dental implants. Her treatment started with the gum recontouring. When the gums had healed, her baby teeth were extracted, implants were placed, and beautiful porcelain crowns were placed on the implants. Mary’s treatment was completed within nine months. Mary can now, for the first time in her life, put her teeth together into a consistently comfortable, painless bite, without symptoms of “TMJ”. Mary receives many compliments on her absolutely gorgeous new smile, sometimes even from people she has only recently met.

Case #2: Kristin

Kristin was a childhood patient of Dr. Rye’s but had left the practice for an extended period of time after getting married. When she first came back to see Dr. Rye, she had broken molars and her gums were swollen. Her primary concern was the molars and the health of her gums, but she also wanted a smile makeover with new veneers on her other teeth. She suffered from dental anxiety and was interested in oral sedation for her treatments. The personalized treatment plan Dr. Rye prepared for Kristin included periodontal therapy, extractions, implant placements to replace the broken molars, and restoration of the remaining teeth with porcelain veneers. Dr. Rye was happy to be able make it very easy for Kristin to have the beautiful smile makeover she wanted, in addition to restoring her to optimal dental health.

Case #3: Rhonda

Rhonda first came to Dr. Rye with periodontal problems which had irreparably damaged the majority of her teeth. In addition, her dental situation had compromised her immune system. Dr. Rye completed a comprehensive exam and prepared a detailed personalized treatment plan for Rhonda. After considering all of her options, Rhonda elected extractions of her remaining teeth and replacement with dental implants and bridge work. Using the latest technology available, Dr. Rye provided Rhonda with an implant-supported, fixed conversion prosthesis called “Teeth in a Day”. The “Teeth in a Day” concept involves creation of a ceramic porcelain appliance fixed to the patients jaw. Using exacting measurements to ensure comfortable fit and appropriate bite, Dr. Rye was able to give Rhonda the smile she had been dreaming about. Both Dr. Rye and Rhonda expected that she would need additional visits for bite adjustments, but her bite feels really good, and the additional treatments were unnecessary. Today Rhonda enjoys a beautiful, healthy smile for life!

I look forwarding to adding Mary, Kristin and Rhonda’s new smiles to our smile gallery!!

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