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“My Dentist Saved My Life – True Story”

We would like to share one of our patients’ testimonial. At Rye Smiles the well being of our patients is our top priority.
“I was scheduled for wisdom extractions 4 at one time…(ok so that was the real problem) …thought I was strong enough to handle it.  But as the appointment was near, I was terribly anxious. I have  real dental anxiety- and the thought of 4 extractions was taking me over the top.  Thankfully before starting to medicate, the staff checked my blood pressure. And they checked it again and again.  And Again. I knew something was wrong. They began asking questions… and I looked over and saw that my BP was 200/100.  I  left immediately  and went to the ER for treatment – this was not dental anxiety- it was confirmed – I have High BP and was walking around in STROKE range. No Symptoms.  After treatment in ER, I followed up with my Primary Care and now,  it has taken several months but I am managing my BP with medications and  I am in the normal range. I HAD NO IDEA!  None.  I appear totally healthy. High Blood Pressure is truly the silent killer.  If Dr. Rye’s team had not followed protocol that day- who knows what would have happened.
Oh but wait…this is a review about dentistry.  Rye Smiles for Life is the perfect dentist for me. For You. For anyone seeking professional quality dental care. And if you have had the opposite…you know what I mean. Quality -Professional -Compassionate-Experts.
The staff is welcoming, the ambiance is on point, there is no wait- although the waiting area is full of great magazines, I can never read one article…before I am called in for my appointment.  Did I mention I have terrible dental anxiety- I have terrible dental anxiety- and they care for me,  understanding what I need to make me comfortable, including premedication…whatever makes me comfortable.
Dental techniques change over the years, and this office maintains the latest equipment, and knowledge. I don’t know exactly what they do when I am in the chair – thanks to the pre-meds, I see stars the whole time…but I do know that I have healthy gums, bright strong teeth, and a wonderful smile for LIFE!”

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