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A Recent Dental Implant Story from Rye Smiles for Life

If you have ever considered dental implants to preserve your smile, please read our most recent case study:

When Dorothy first visited us, most of her posterior teeth (her molars) were missing. She had completed chemotherapy and radiation treatments for breast cancer treatment about 8 years previous to her visit. About five years after her cancer treatment was complete she began having issues with her teeth and as a result had most of her molars extracted. Since the molars protect the front teeth, her chewing efficiency was compromised, her nutrition suffered, and she was beginning to lose her front teeth. The “vertical dimension” of her smile was diminished by the missing molars as well. Her chin was getting closer to her nose, and the corners of her lips were turning down prematurely, increasing the prominence of the nasolabial fold “wrinkles” of her face.

Until recently, the typical treatment plan for Dorothy would have been a full or partial upper and lower denture. She was only 60 years young and I knew that if she had enough bone to support dental implants not only would she be able to retain her existing jaw bone but she would also be able to have esthetically and functionally natural teeth for the rest of her life. We could regain her natural vertical dimension, giving her, in effect, a facelift without surgery. The corners of her mouth would be uplifted, and the prominence of her nasolabial folds would diminish.

We took an x-ray on a Prexion 3D Cone Beam CT Scanner and I knew immediately that I could place at least two implants. After studying Dorothy’s CT scan further and utilizing the Prexion virtual implant placement software, I found that I could potentially place 7 implants with the use of CAD/CAM technology and an implant surgical guide. Having the advantage of being able to place implant supported molars allowed us to stabilize her jaw structure to regain her lost vertical dimension. We are now able to open up her over-closed smile, renew her ability to chew all foods, protect the front teeth and regain the original length of her front teeth with the use of porcelain veneers. Thanks to the technology of the CT scanner, as well as many other recent advances in dental technology available to us, and our many years of training, we are now able to do a full mouth reconstruction on this cancer survivor and give her a brand new functional, beautiful and natural smile to use for the rest of her life.

If you are missing teeth like Dorothy, whether from a pre-existing medical condition, an accident, childhood trauma, neglect, or any other reason, you may be able to replace those missing teeth and recover the health, function, and attractiveness that comes from having a complete set of teeth. Contact us today at (703) 565-2503 to find out when you can start smiling for the rest of your life!

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