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Can Dental Implants Chip or Break?

Dental implants, the effective tooth replacement that consists of a titanium post and a dental crown, are the best tooth replacement for many people. Not only are they reliable, durable, and functional, but they have the potential to last …

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Can Dental Implants Be Done in One Day?

Dental implants are an excellent replacement for your missing teeth. Although they cost more than other alternatives, they’ll last for life and never need to be replaced. Dental implants are permanent replacements that are secure, functional, and look just like …

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“My Dentist Saved My Life – True Story”

We would like to share one of our patients’ testimonial. At Rye Smiles the well being of our patients is our top priority.
“I was scheduled for wisdom extractions 4 at one time…(ok so that was the real problem) …thought …

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What Type of Dental Sedation Is Right for You?

Dental sedation is something many dentists now offer their patients with dental anxiety. It’s used during procedures that may not necessarily require sedation, but sedation is necessary in order for the patient to relax during treatment.

Sedation choices are administered …

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What Eating Habits Can Lead to Tooth Discoloration?

Your teeth are what you show to the world. It’s understandable that you’d want them to be
beautiful and white. Unfortunately, as we age, our tooth enamel is subject to staining. How
does this happen?

Tooth enamel is actually porous. …

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