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TMJ Relief

I’m so happy to share a nice note I received from one of our many smiling patients. TJ suffered from TMJ symptoms which had an adverse impact on his lifestyle. He received the finest TMJ and cosmetic dentistry available, and it has been life-changing for him. Other patients’ words of thanks are included on the left side of our smile gallery. Thank you, TJ for your kind words:

Dear Everyone at Rye Smiles for Life,
Since having my orthotic made and using it, I have seen dramatic changes in my life. Before I had trouble sleeping, and often had headaches, and since the first few days of getting used to having it in my mouth, I have not had a single headache, and my sleeping habits have improved greatly. Typically I would stay up late, and I would have to be really tired to get comfortable enough to fall asleep; now I get comfortable very easily, and it has even improved my relationship with my fiancée, because now we are on the same sleep schedule. I am so thankful to Dr. Rye, and happy that he convinced me to take the plunge. I just can’t wait to come back next time and further my progress, and to get my work completed! Also, Lou is the BEST! She is so friendly, and always makes sure I am comfortable with what she is doing. I couldn’t ask for better care! The service at the front desk with all the nice ladies like Meghan and Laurie is also incredible. It’s so refreshing to actually deal with them over some other places; it really shows that they truly care about their job, and the patients that come through here. I thank you all :o)
TJ Lassiter

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